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What is 8D report
Date: 2017-05-16
Open the "quality course" ______quality training about 8D report

On 21th Apr. 2017, training meeting successfully in headquarters. In this meeting, Ming Li,the vice president of Zhejiang VALOGIN Technology Co., Ltd.He tells us what is 8D report and how to use 8D report.

First of all start from 8d basic knowledge: explain the origin of the 8d; 8d method; why want to carry out 8d; 8d eight steps.

Then the 8d analysis steps: D0-understand the problem;D1-set up a team;D2-problem description;D3-Temporary Disposal;D4-reason analysis;D5-long-term countermeasure;
D6-The prevention countermeasures to occur again;D7-Results confirm and standardization;D8-Congratulations on the team

The last is 8d case analysis:Frist by analyzing 8d improve the successful cases,Second is the company’s real case the practical analysis.

8D is a tool,also a thinking mode to solve the problem.Through the study of the 8 d, our technology, quality and production team and supplier partners to
have a better understanding of what’s  8 d report and how to use 8d report.

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