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Corporate culture is the soul of an enterprise. It comes from the summary of the company¡¯s past successful experiences and embodies the spirit and core values of the enterprise. The starting point of the cultural construction of VALOGIN company is people-oriented and based on the nature of "human". The construction of culture is a long-term activity as well as the most profound organizational change. The core of cultural construction is the unity of corporate values. The entire process of cultural implementation is a process of self-reflection and self-transcendence of the members of the organization, a process of review of the values deep in their own thoughts, and a process of reflection and improvement of their habitual ways of thinking and behaviors.

Zhejiang VALOGIN Technology Co., Ltd  culture system includes: career, mission, vision, core values, customer concept, product concept, talent concept, spirit and motto.

Enterprise: provide customers with plumbing system solutions

As the fundamental meaning of the existence and development of Zhejiang VALOGIN Technology Co., Ltd  giant enterprises, "providing customers with water heating system solutions" is the basic guiding ideology, principle and direction of VALOGIN giant management.

Mission: exceed customer expectations and achieve employee happiness

The mission is to establish the basic guiding ideology, principle, direction and management philosophy for the enterprise. The company has made the mission of "exceeding the expectations of customers and achieving the happiness of employees".

Vision: to be a respected century-old enterprise

Zhejiang VALOGIN Technology Co., Ltd ¡¯s vision is the direction of VALOGIN owners, is the broad ideal of all VALOGIN people, made the enterprise hundred years old shop, and respected.

Core values: integrity, enterprise quality and product

"The combination of human character, enterprise quality, product and three qualities" is a tenet that VALOGIN resources personnel adhere to and believe in for a long time in the process of enterprise development. It is a belief pillar and fundamental method to realize enterprise vision and accomplish enterprise mission. It reflects the attitude of VALOGIN resources personnel in handling their own and social relations and a cornerstone of enterprise culture.

Talent view: loyal and dedicated, willing to pay, continuous improvement, honor sharing

Product concept: focus, innovation, and ultimate enterprise spirit: to open themselves, influence others, passion energy, pragmatic eternal

Enterprise motto: love, kindness, perseverance, heart linked;

Positive, progressive, win-win, step by step proud.

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